Weigh in Motion (WIM)

GIRWIM offers different weigh-in-motion solutions for total weight control on roads. High, medium and low speed weighing systems allow total control of traffic and its weight for safety on highways, bridges and roads with trouble spots.


High speed weighing (HSW)

GIRWIM high speed solutions are ideal for weight control on roads and highways to have total control of the weight supported by the road without the need to influence the flow of traffic.

Low speed weighing (LSW)

Low speed weighing solution for accurate weight control on the road. This solution is OIML R134 certified with an accuracy of +/-0.50% of the vehicle mass.

Medium speed weighing (MSW)

The MSW system records vehicle information up to 50 km/h. It is an ideal solution to install on tolls or moderate speed roads such as inside municipalities.