Giropès guarantees its products, bought through an authorized channel, with reference to manufacturing or material defects during a period of two years from the delivery date, according to the current legislation, except when there is a specific agreement or in the acceptance of the order.

  • The guarantee does not include damages produced by the wear of the material dueto its use, inappropriate conservation or maintenance, Wrong storage or use, modifications introduced without the consent, on paper, from Giropès and in general due to causes beyond the control of our company, Giropès.
  • The guarantee does not includeaccessories such as battery, adaptor, electrical header,etc.The reparations will be done by Giropès.The customer must pay for the dismantling,the packaging, the transport, the taxes, custom duty… produced by the delivery of the material to Giropès and its delivery to the customer. The customer must do the delivery of the material via the RMA system which Giropès has.
  • Giropès can agree with the customer the reparation or the replacement of the faulty pieces. In such case, the expenses of the journey of the members of the technical service will be paid by the customer.
  • In the event of a malfunction of the product, within the first 45 days since its delivery, it is going to be replaces. The customer must claim for any damages by completing a RMA form and the item must be returned in its original, undamaged packaging. Giropès reserves the right to ask for images and/or videos to evaluate each case and for its approval. Giropès is going to take charge of the picking-up and the transport of the product . Giropès reserves the right to charge the product and transport if the product has been handled and damaged or the packaging is not completed.
  • A new warranty period does not commence in the case of replacement, but the calculation of the outstanding warranty period of the original product is reactivated.
  • Giropès is not going to pay for the reparations done by third parties. The repairing or replacement of a faulty piece does not vary the guarantee period of the supplied product. However, the piece that has been repaired or replaced has a guarantee period of two years from the date when the reparation or replacement has been done (for the duration of the repair, the calculation of the two-year period is suspended).
  • Giropès is not responsible, in any case, of indirect damages and/or as a consequence of the supplying.
  • The Customer will be responsible of getting rid of the elements supplied by Giropes sl, following the necessary regulation rules, by its own account and responsibility.

Warranty for damages done during the transport:

  • Customers out of Spain but in European Union have 7 days from the date of delivery of the merchandise to communicate to BAXTRAN any type of damage produced by the transport in case the transport has been hired by Baxtran. If the complaining is not done during this period, BAXTRAN will not be responsible and in charge to pay for any type of repairing or substitution if the product has been damaged. This period could change by other country’s law.
  • We remind you that there is at your disposal a section called “Reservations entry” to specify, when signing the delivery note that the package contains damages such as hits, breaks or others that can affect the product and cannot be seen without opening the package. We strongly recommend you to complete with your observations the delivery note from the deliverer before signing it. All the members of our staff have an EC Certify and the user’s guide for our customers.
  • Remember that as manufacturers Giropes SL does not include transportation damage in the guarantee, so if they do not specify it in the “Reservation Annotation” it can not be claimed from the carrier.

Removal of used electronic products with the same features as the product purchased

GIROPES, S.L. is registered in the Register of Electrical and Electronic Equipment of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (RII-AEE) under number 7322.

GIROPES, S.L. offers the customer the possibility of, on delivering their purchase, removing a used electrical and/or electronic product with the same characteristics as the one sold.